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Another New Blog for the New Year

Well, it seemed like I should ring in the new year on palindrome day (01022010) by starting up a new blog.  I don’t really know what that seemed like the thing to do, but it did.  Maybe it was just an excuse to finally buy my new domain, icewolf08.com.  I would really love to have icewolf.com, but it is taken already, and I have been using icewolf08 as a handle since the intertubes were new.  I suppose the other thing is that it gives me something to do (though I don’t really need it) during tech for the show.

Speaking of tech, we seem to be moving right along for this one.  Working with Phil is always a blast, but I have to work quick because he likes to make all his changes at the last second.  We also have hit the end of our pre-written cues so we are moving a little bit slower now.  We teched through the entire first act in five hours and I think we should finish the show before the end of the night tonight, our first 10/12 tech. Continue reading