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I am happy to report that the opening night of “Touch(ed)” here at PTC was a great success.  Despite all the craziness of the past few days I think that the cast and crew of the show deserve a hearty congratulations and so does playwright Bess Whol on the premier production of her new play.  The audience was very responsive last night despite the plunging temperatures in the theatre due to the fact that the heat had been off for over two days due to a burst steam pipe on campus.  I have been told that six buildings on campus are without heat until Sunday at the earliest, and we have heard on good authority that it may take until Tuesday to be back up and heating.  So even our audience deserve a round of applause for sticking it out through the cold!

The show is an amazing piece of work and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to see over the next two weeks.  There are plenty of tickets available and we are happy to fill more seats!  The show, as I mentioned in my last post, tells the story of two sisters, one diagnosed with schizophrenia and the other, younger sister, trying to care for her and get her out of the hospital and back into society.  It is a very moving show with many light-hearted sections that have made our audiences, laugh, clap, and “awww.”  In my personal opinion, this is a show that I would come to see multiple times if I were not working it!  There are so many nuances in the text that I keep picking up new ones every performance. Continue reading